What to Expect

Lynchburg Church of God

Welcome To The Lynchburg Church of God

We want our ministry to be a place where people experience a real God.  Our objective is to be a church of “real people, real passion, and real faith… it sounds simple, but it’s not easy.”  Our primary focus is our worship time on Sunday mornings.  We work hard to create an exciting worship experience where people can be engaged with a real God, connect with genuine people, be inspired to live a life of pure passion, and live out an authentic faith.  It is our desire to meet God, share blessings and burdens, and celebrate our salvation in Christ. We seek to respond positively to Bible messages that teach us to know Jesus Christ, obey Him, and properly represent Him to the world.

What should I expect before I visit on Sunday

Dress Casual

Jeans are totally acceptable… even the pastor wears them.

Free Coffee

Nothing prepares (speeds up) your heart for worship like a cup of joe. Feel free to take your caffeine with you into the sanctuary.

Real People

We are a group of real people. You’ll find all kinds of “folks” here… young, old, rich, poor, hot, and the not so hot… all are welcome.

A laid back atmosphere

Come as you are… you are free to worship here. Our atmosphere is casual, but we never approach the Father casually.

Something out of the ordinary

Our creative worship team works hard and prays even harder about the order of our service. We desire for you to walk away thinking… I wasn’t expecting that to happen.

An exciting Service

We serve an all powerful yet mysterious God. We feel it’s almost a sin to bore someone with such an exciting gospel.

A place for your children

Rest assured moms and dads, your children are in good hands with us… but if you’re uncomfortable leaving your children in a new place, feel free to keep them with you.

An encounter with God

Come expecting God to do something big in your life. Don’t be surprised if He shows up in an unexpected way.