Breezewood Staff

Meet Mike

Mike| Senior Pastor

Originally from North Carolina, I found myself in Lynchburg in 2009 as the Pastor of the Lyncbhurg Church of God. After 7 and a half years in full time youth ministry, I was thrown into the hot seat of being a lead pastor and at 28 years old… I had to make it up as we grew.
I have the most amazing wife (She is a UNC fan – the rivals of my NC State Wolfpack). We have 2 beautiful children, Ava and Colt. Together we find lots of adventure….as I believe life should be an adventure. Not only do I love to travel, but I love to find adventure here in Lynchburg. I love football of any kind, I’d watch Pee Wee Football if it was on TV. I do most of the cooking in my family and I’m pretty good (pat myself on the back). I’ve always said if I didn’t Pastor, I would open up a restaurant. I hate running, but my wife inspires me to run… I’m like a T-rex chasing after a gazelle when we run together.

Random Question

If you had a superpower, what would you want it to be? Why?
It would be to freeze time. There are moments in life that go by too fast. Plus, I could freeze time to catch the bad guys.