Breezewood Staff

Meet Megan

Megan | Children’s Ministry

I am an elementary school teacher whose passion for children doesn’t stop at my career choice. My passion for children to know more about Jesus than just their ABCs and 123s has landed me the role of overseeing our children’s ministry here at LCOG. I know the cliché hobby for me to have is reading, but I do love a good book. Some of my all time favorite novels were written for children. Hello, the Chronicles of Narnia anyone? By now you’ve probably labeled me as predictable, so I’ll go ahead and get it out that I love candles, Fall, and brand new office supplies. My journal and my kindle are my prized possessions. Now for a twist, I secretly love watching sports with my husband, Jorshe—when you get to know him you’ll realize it’s either that or hate the 7 months of the year that is football season— and whatever the opposite of an animal lover is, well, that’s me. You’ll get a laugh about that last fact if you ask me about where I grew up. Come on and ask.

Random Question

If you could have any job other than the one you have now, what would it be?

I would love to be a hair dresser! I could give free haircuts to my friends and family, talk to strangers all day, and make people feel awesome! What more could a girl want?