Our Values

These are the most important to us


People are a church’s greatest asset. Therefore we place a high value in building people. Paul wrote the Ephesian church and said the role of a leader is to Equip the saints. We feel that our culture has misplaced the spotlight in many churches, that the pastors and the leaders are here to equip the believers much like coaches and water-boys. The role of the church is to carry out His Story and His Mission. This is not just the responsibility of the ordained. Being a part of LCOG means you are a part of a church who takes action and wants you to join in the action. We feel that Church is a Verb and not a spectator sport and that you will get out of church what you put in.


We believe that worship requires a reaction and that Worship should be experienced and not observed. Whether someone is more demonstrative or reserved, we place a high value in the freedom to worship in the way you feel lead. We don’t place a higher value on one style of worship over another other. Just as God has uniquely created us different, so our response in worship to Him will be different. We strongly believe that God’s Spirit is real and works within each of us and that the Holy Spirit baptizes believers and empowers them with gifts. We believe that these Spiritual gifts are for the good of the body.


Isa. 56:6-7 | John 17:20-23 | Acts 17:26 | Eph. 2:11-18 | Col. 3:11 | Rev. 7:9-10

We believe that a genuine encounter with God creates a sense of community in all believers (Act 2-4). We believe that we are connected to each other because the same Holy Spirit is in each of us as believers.  Therefore how can we be selfish when we have more in common than different?  We choose to celebrate our differences.  We place value in pursuing unity and embracing ethnic diversity as part of God’s design for humanity and practice racial reconciliation as one of his redemptive purposes in Christ.  We are a group of broken people that come together and make something beautiful (this is represented by the LCOG Mosaic Cross).


‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ (Matthew 21:13). Prayer is an essential part of who we are… it’s our culture. Every Sunday morning at 10 am we begin with our Concert of Prayer. This is not just the pre-show or our warm up, but a vital service in and of itself. We believe that prayer changes the mind and heart of God. We believe that prayer changes the big and the small and that God still works miracles. We refuse to limit our prayer to small things that can be healed by a trip to the pharmacy, instead we pray bold, audacious prayers. That is why we, as Jesus instructed us, persistently knock on the door of Heaven. Our Real Faith pushes us to pray big prayers. We don’t want to insult God by our weak, small, and faithless prayers. Instead we pray for things that only He could make happen.


We are called to build His Kingdom first and allow God to build our church.  We value love and believe Love never fails (1 Cor 13).  As believers we feel it’s our mandate to love others, proclaim His gospel unashamed and uncompromising to the people of Lynchburg.  Therefore we are not “seeker sensitive” on Sundays.  Sundays are a celebration of our Lord. We are who we are and make no apologies about it.  We choose not to change and water down the gospel to draw a crowd.  Instead, we are seeker sensitive Monday through Saturday.  We believe that church is a verb and it’s our job to take action to go love and tell the people of Lynchburg about His Greatness.