Next Level Project 2.0

We are entering our 3rd Facility Update Project in the 6 years called the Next Level Project. Each project helped the Lynchburg Church of God grow to new levels as a Church. The First next level Project helped our congregation of 28 grow to reach over 90 people on Sunday. Our Building expansion project has allowed us to grow to over 150. But our building is almost maxed out. We want to be good stewards of our building and Maximize our current facility. We are aiming to raise $26,000 in the next 6 months to purchase: An additional Parking Lot, additional Sanctuary chairs, a Baptismal that can be transported to any campus, A new Youth Room, New signs for the front of the church and on 501 frontage, other facility improvements. Our vision is to reach an average of 500 people every Sunday in 4 different campus locations.
  • Project Goal – $26,000 40%
  • Participation Goal – 50 People 25%

Next Level Project 2.0 Pledge Form